wse3policyCache.config and Visual Studio test-project

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Trying to test a project that used Webservices with WSE3

 I got an exception: " Failed parsing the policy document."

while trying to set the policy.



MyWebServiceWse ws = new MyWebServiceWse ();





Looking closer, Innerexception told me that:

Could not find file 'C:\\Something\\MyProject\\TestResults\\username_MYPC 2009-03-25 16_40_25\\Out\\wse3policyCache.config' and more..


Which seems to mean that the Testproject is not finding the wse3policyCache.config where it's currently running.


To solve it I had to edit my localtestrun.testrunconfig, so that it copied this file to the current test-directory when it started testing.


I.e: Menu - Edit test run config - Local test run - Deployment - Add file and select the aforementioned wse3policyCache.config  file.


Btw, if you are like me and only select the test from Test results and try to run or debug it,

it still doesn't work…. I had to select my testproject in Solution Explorer ,

go to menu Test and

Start selected test project (with or without Debugger)


Finally my testproject was executing with my policies…

Now only to get my bugs fixed… :)


HTH somebody





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