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How to a share/branch a project in sourcesafe.

Say I have


in sourcesafe.

Now I want to create


either by sharing (links to same copy of file)  or branching (separate files, copied at branching)

Instead of doing the obvious, Rightclick v1.0.0 and select share etc here's how you do it:

1)         select the place you want the files to end, in this example


2)         rightclick and select Share to …

3)         now select your version i.e $/Tools/MyTool/v1.0.0,

            and optionally select Branch after share for a separate copy

4)         in the next dialog you can specify a name, in this example it should bee v2.0.0

            remember to select recursive

Thank MS for not being this counterintuitive usually… :)

Happy branching


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