c#: ConvertAll with Lists

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Convert all members in a List from one entity to another.

I have posted before about ConvertAll, but there I used an anonymous method within ConvertAll.

I wanted to use a normal mapping-method that I could reuse, but still call it with ConvertAll.

I had to use some time to get the syntax right, and that's what this post is about.

Here is the syntax I ended up with:



List<KorrespondanseParameter> newlist = mylist.ConvertAll<KorrespondanseParameter>(new Converter<IKorrespondanseParameter,KorrespondanseParameter>(Map));

And the converter:

private static KorrespondanseParameter Map(IKorrespondanseParameter k)     


            KorrespondanseParameter r = new KorrespondanseParameter();

            r.GjelderAktoerId = k.GjelderAktoerId;

            r.Mottatt = k.Mottatt;

            r.Oppgave = k.Oppgave;

            r.Saksnummer = k.Saksnummer;

            r.Sendt = k.Sendt;

            return r;


As we can see the implementation is straightforward, nothing complex there as long as you know how to call it.

Still took me some extra time to get this right.



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  1. Seems it can be even simpler with lambdas:
    List newlist = mylist.ConvertAll(t=>Map(t));