Use Toastr messages from codebehind

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I have been using the excellent toastr library for my clientside messages now for a while.

Today I needed to send a message from codebehind to the client and I wanted to keep using toastr.

As I prefer to solve things only once I wanted this to be reusable through my app.
Something like:

var msg= new Message(Level.Error,"This is the text", "This is the title"));

and then have this show up the nice toastr way:

(See demo over at GitHub for all the options.)

So to have a reusable way to send messages to my users with Toastr I came up with this model:

First I define a model for messages

Next I create a ViewModel class and inherit from it:

In the controller I can now easily add messages:

Add finally make them pop up in the view:

I can now add multiple messages with different levels, all from codebehind:

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